Business Travel

Are you looking for new ways to make savings with travel and expenses? Do you need help engaging with your employees about travel and action plans for new trends?

CK is here to help you. We work with companies of all sizes around the globe regardless of which travel supplier you use. With proven results and new tools and technologies we can work with you to optimize your travel program to drive efficiencies, savings and demonstrate results to your company.

Business Services

Bringing together a team of experts, we ensure the strategic response you choose has a clear and rigorously validated economic rationale. We engage deeply and widely with your team to build the management commitment needed for a strategy to deliver exceptional results. And our experience of delivering world-class implementation means we are well positioned to assess strategic proposals for feasibility.

Consumer Products

CK’s consumer products consulting services help companies develop strong consumer brands that can deliver enduring growth at significantly higher returns than undifferentiated competitors.

Trade Fair

When choosing this common and effective method of enhancing business, you can rely on us for:

Surface renting, trade stand preparation,
Organization of
• transport,
• stay,
• required documentation,
Hosting of the trade stand,
Preparation of promotion materials,
Conference organization.

Why Germany?

Germany is the world’s no. 1 location for hosting international trade fairs. It stands out against the international competition in terms of its facilities, its level of innovation and its broad reach.

Financial Services

We work with leading institutions in the banking and insurance sectors in all major areas, including:

Retail banking
Private banking and wealth management
Clients and capital markets business
Transaction banking
Asset management
Life and property insurance
Health insurance
Risk, liquidity and capital management

Surface Transport &
Logistics Consulting

In the past, improvement activities in logistics just focused on partial optimizations in procurement, production, and sales processes.
Now the companies need the whole business process optimization by SCM.
CK assists your business from the logistics aspect by establishing suitable logistics services in line with your business strategy.

Ideal Clients

CK is ideally partnered with:

Businesses seeking to increase profit, reduce costs and streamline processes.

SME businesses with 500k plus revenue per annum.

Within a market/industry with the potential for growth.

Astute business owners willing to invest in themselves and their business.

Those with a desire to improve and grow their business.

√  Those open to learning about new strategies and opportunities to enhance their business.

To help entrepreneurs get their act together
before they talk to investors.

How We Work

The Objective:

to work with the business owners and/or management to increase business worth, create a profitable business and ultimately a more valuable business for the owners or shareholders.

The Positives:

working long term in partnership with the business owners to achieve real growth and increased profitability, as well as creating the intended working lifestyle for the owner.

Value Adding:

working closely with you on site, developing an understanding of you and your business and building a strong alliance that focuses on your goals and your vision.

What We Value

√  Honesty, integrity and trust

√  Genuinely assisting businesses to improve profitability & value

√  Being the top of the game, constantly learning & refining processes

√  Delivering exceptional customer service

√  Forming lasting relationships with all clients

√  Achieving the vision, dreams and goals of clients

√  Dedicated and world class consulting services

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